LCC, Inc. was invited by our community partner, Golden Gate Regional Center (aka GGRC), to the San Mateo office for a presentation about the CHILD OUTCOMES IN EARLY START by the State Department of Developmental Services (DDS).

Data is taken at entry and exit to the Early Start Program and periodically in between, then input into the Early Start Report for the State. 

Child outcome data is used to describe how well service provided by being in the Early Start Program impacted child and family.

California State looks at the results to see if the services are worth the funding.

The data is split into 3 categories:

1. Positive SOCIAL EMOTIONAL SKILLS (eg. Social Relationships)

2. Acquisition and use of KNOWLEDGE and skills (eg. early language and COMMUNICATION)

3. Use of appropriate behavior to meet their own needs (SELF-HELP)

Yearly, family surveys are sent out to see if Early Intervention Services (EIS) have helped family:

1. Know their rights

2. Effectively communicate their children's needs, and

3. Help children develop and learn

In the results from the family surveys, GGRC did better than the state average.

The State made improving Social Emotional Skills even more a goal. Good social emotional skills are linked to good health and success and can help in:

  • forming secure attachments
  • regulating emotions
  • easily comforted
  • paying attention to surroundings
  • knowing actions can affect others

Department of Developmental Services - Child Outcomes in Early Start GGRC - Karla Lannon, Data Manager - Elise Parnes RN, MSN March 16,2016


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