Our service is affordable with a competitive contract rate & is perfect for the following local industries:

On-site / Virtual Interpretation Services include the following:

  • Educational Public School Districts (e.g SFUSD & SMUHSD, Millbrae and Brisbane Area)

  • Health Care Organizations (e.g (re)MINDĀ® / Felton BEAM | BEAMĀ® & local clinics)

  • Legal Law Firms relating to worker's compensation cases

  • Business Entities (e.g local hotels & private firms for staff training and health benefits event(s))

  • Community Services (e.g Golden Gate Regional Center contract rate at $78 and up.)

Competent Written Translation Service:

Written translation service is provided at a discounted rate that ranges from $57.00 to $168.00 per page.

(e.g. GGRC contract rate at $57.00 per page within two weeks turn-around time frame & for urgent jobs, 24 hours to 3 days turn-around time is $78.00 per page on languages provided by our service.)

Types of Written Translation:

  • GGRC: IFSP, ABA Progress reports, and Therapeutic lesson note

  • School Sites: IEP Meeting reports, 504 Planning, etc

  • Community: Event flyers, Intake forms, Newsletters, etc

Here are the languages that we are currently serving for written translation requests in:

  • Spanish
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Arabic
  • Vietnamese
  • Russian

Business hours:

Dispatch system is available 24/7 via email. Please contact us now: languagecircleca@gmail.com.Our scheduling team can work around YOUR schedule.

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