Welcome to Language Circle of California, Inc.!

We would like to share some very important information with you. The following protocol is regarded as the standard of professional practice for the interpretation industry. Before you start working with us, you should be aware these as a professional interpreter. Please take your time to learn from the selected info sites below. 

1. Please be familiar with the Standards of Practice from CHIA. It is mandatory to read the entire file for training. 


2. Please read page 12 to page 19 of the following informational site from IMIA:


3. Please learn about the HIPPA policy. You MUST read and understand HIPAA policy before going to any assignment. 


4. Please take note from the tool box below: (All you need at an assignment EVERY TIME)

  • Punctuality & time management 
  • Focus and good listening
  • Memory and attentiveness
  • Impartiality is crucial at every job encounter
  • Courtesy and excellent customer service
  • Maintain eye contact & direct communication
  • Problem-solving skills to better assist clients
  • Refrain from giving any of your personal comments or opinions 
  • Wear your identification badge & dress in appropriate attire
  • Respect the privacy of every client & uphold the HIPAA policy at all times

5. Please take a glance at the devil trap below: (you SHOULD NOT do any of the following on ANY assignment ANY TIME)

  • Arrive barely on time or late at assignments
  • Jump in & out of a conversation with minimal interpretation
  • Voice your frustration or personal perspectives regarding a job encounter
  • Dismiss yourselves before a job encounter is finished
  • Fail to bridge the communication for speakers 
  • Missing key information during interpreting from one language to another
  • Make up/add on unrelated issues or topics when interpreting for clients
  • Take a lengthy note without successfully interpreting in a timely manner 
  • Misplace/loss of your badge; do not wear your badge on any assignment
  • Breach of privacy of any client/case

Now, please watch and pay attention to the video clips below in order. They help brush up your interpreting skills by learning to be a qualified interpreter for your community.

1. Qualified Interpreters for Quality Health Care - Pt 1 with subtitles


2. Qualified Interpreters for Quality Health Care - Pt 2 with subtitles

Please click on the PLAY button and it will automatically start to play the first indicated video clip for you. After watching the first entire video clip, you will need to click on to the video clip with the title of No. 2 indicated above. Thank you for your time and effort in working with us. 


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